After 20 years of history, PNO will collect the award for best radio-coverage


The most prestigious awards in Spain in radio, television, music and advertising, recognize the work of Educational and Cultural Association Ponte… nas Ondas! and the work of Xurxo Souto in front of the cross-border program Ponte … nas Ondas!

The association express our deepest joy by getting the Award, most prestigious award in the field of communication. This award comes when we are celebrating 20 years in ‘business’. Ponte … nas Ondas! unite into the active educational work: media, ICTs and cultural heritage. Over these two decades has produced albums and books as Meniños Cantores, Cores do Atlántico or Na Ponte, book-CD-DVD presented with a “Radiovisual” led by Xurxo Souto.

Ponte … nas Ondas! offers this award to students of schools, which are the stars of this communication project, the teachers who make the experience possible, media-professionals who collaborate. And to all the people who pass through our “bridge”.

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