Starting at the Culturgal the campaign “A Heritage for the Future”


Collection of individual and collective support in favor of the nomination to UNESCO of Galician-Portuguese intangible heritage begins.

The Cultural and Educational Association Ponte … nas Ondas! continues this fall with its intense activity coinciding with the celebration next weekend of Culturgal (the Galician Cultural Industries Fair). Taking advantage of the event, which once again host the city of Pontevedra, Ponte … nas Ondas! initiate the collection of individual and collective support in favor of the candidacy of Galician-Portuguese intangible heritage.

This action comes in the tenth anniversary of the filing of the Unesco-nomination of the Galician-Portuguese Intangible Heritage. That was the first Multinational Candidacy promoted by schools in two countries of the European Union. Ponte … nas Ondas !, supported by Galician and Portuguese institutions, is launching a new campaign for the registration of the Galician-Portuguese intangible heritage on the Representative List of Unesco.

In this challenge, Ponte … nas Ondas! calls on associations and institutions, who massively supported the candidacy ten years ago, to keep rowing together.