Intangible Heritage’s Photocall


During Culturgal (5-7 December). In Pontevedra.

During Culturgal, visitors can reach Ponte … nas Ondas! place and let immortalized their support for the campaign ‘Un patrimonio polo futuro’ next to any of the posters for multimedia journey performed over the past editions by illustrator Andrés Meixide. The portraits may also be taken nxto to the verses of the piece “Ondas alén mar” signed by Pancho Alvarez and Maria Solleiro, part of the book-album ‘Na Ponte’ (which will be available in Culturgal’s store).

In addition, the association will show the public the commemorative sculpture Premio Ondas 2014 recently gathered in Barcelona, at the presentation of these prestigious awards. “For 20 years, a group of schoolchildren showed as from radio can build bridges and build a common ecosystem-based on culture, heritage and common concerns of neighboring regions of Galicia and Portugal,” said jury, congratulating the long history of Ponte nas Ondas.